Watauga Amateur Radio Club PO Box 2208 Boone, NC 28607
Club Repeaters:  Boone, NC  Rich Mountain WA4J     147.36  +600 KHZ 103.5 Hz tone   WA4NC  443.0375 +5.0 MHz   DMR Digital  Sugar Mountain WA4NC  442.0875  +5.0 MHz  DMR Digital  Beech Mountain WA4NC  444.5750   +5.0 MHz  151. 4 Tone
FOR SALE This page is for WARC members only, and may be used to list Amateur Radio-related items for sale.  Items will remain posted for 90 days. Please submit items to k2sd@arrl.net.  PDF formatted documents are preferred.
Running out of storage room, and need to finance some new projects;  HAM Items for Sale; MFJ-986 Differential T-Tuner 1.5Kw PEP, This is an older model with the painted  aluminum face, and not the new lexan face that MFJ uses today.  There are some  missing or scratched paint on the face; however it is in working order.  I am asking  $120.00 OBO.  Cush craft A3S Tri-Band Beam (20-15-10) beam is currently in the air and can be  tested. I am asking $225.00 Shipping would be impractical, can either pick up on  site, or be met within 75 Miles +/- of my QTH. Would trade for a New or Almost  new COMET GP-6 or GP-9N  Heil Sound GM-4 Microphone, with 8 pin cable for Kenwood, and original box  $100.00 OBO  Astron 35-M Linear power supply, Single meter model. Rebuilt 2016 with new  power transistors, MOV’s, replaced out of spec parts on regulator board.  $110.00  OBO   Standard Pan Vice 301, NIB $20.00 Vibroplex Vibro Keyer, beige base with ¼” stereo plug. $100.00  Alinco DJ-196 2mtr HT, used with some scratches, charger, manual, original box,  New Battery.  Selling for what I paid for battery $40.00  Micronta 12vDC/2.5A power supply $25.00 Hammarlund HQ-110 Ham band tube receiver, No Clock, Electrolytic caps have  been replaced, in working condition, manual copy $100.00   PC Items for Sale; HP-rp5700 Desktop PC, keyboard & Mouse, formatted and ready for your OS to be  installed $80.00 IBM System X3200-4362PCD Server, Formatted and ready for your OS to be installed  $120.00 Cisco 891 Router-VPN $100.00 Cisco 2960 24 Port router $100.00   Free Stuff – Items collected or donated for club members; Home brew 6Mtr Dipole Mobile Communication Speakers Aerotron – Motorola 5x Female metal CLA sockets for work bench, or go box. Yaesu NC-15 Desk Charger for older HT Icom BC-72 Charger Base for Older HT Telex Pro-Com300 Parts Waters Model 3001 Universal Hybrid Coupler (recorder interface for your station) Motorola Commercial 2mtr mobile unit complete  6Mtr NMO mount coils x3, I may have some fitting whips to go with them. Heathkit Lab Scope IO-18 , Condition unknown – part out or restore  Free Original Manuals;   HM-2012 VHF Watt/SWR Meter IC-W2A HT (Copy) HM-102 RF Power Meter   Can be contacted at WS4JH63@gmail.com  or 828-773-2730, please text first, as I  don’t answer numbers I don’t know