Watauga Amateur Radio Club PO Box 2208 Boone, NC 28607
Club Repeaters:  Boone, NC  Rich Mountain WW4L    147.36  +600 KHZ 103.5 Hz tone   WA4NC  443.0375 +5.0 MHz   DMR Digital  Sugar Mountain WA4NC  442.0875  +5.0 MHz  DMR Digital  Beech Mountain WA4NC  444.5750   +5.0 MHz  151. 4 Tone
                    FREQ   OFFSET   TONE   LOCATION                     NOTES WW4L      147.360  +600 K      103.5      BOONE NC     PCRN LINK        WA4NC  443.0375 +5.0 MHz  NONE     BOONE NC    PRN  DMR  WA4NC   444.575  +5.0 MHz  151.4   BEECH MT NC WA4NC    53.790    -1.0 MHz   151.4   BOONE NC         O FF AIR WA4NC  442.0875 +5.0 MHz  NONE  SUGAR MT NC  PRN  DMR W4MLN 444.7375 +5.0 MHz  NONE JEFFERSON NC  PRN DMR
    W4MLN  444.300   +5.0 MHz   103.5   JEFFERSON NC     W4YSB    147.300  +600 KHz  103.5   JEFFERSON NC     KX4CZ     442.175  +5.0 MHz   123.0   AVERY SUGAR MT N        W4JWO     443.075      +5.0 MHz     94.8      JEFFERSON NC      W4JWO     224.220      -1.6MHz       88.2      JEFFERSON NC       W4TRP      224.820      -1.6MHz      103.5    JEFFERSON NC         
WW4L REPEATER Operating atop Rich Mountain (Elevation 4730' ASL) and overlooking Boone, NC, on 147.36 MHz, the WW4L repeater requires a PL tone of 103.5 Hz. This is a wide coverage Repeater, and all Amateurs within its footprint are welcome.  GENERAL INFORMATION Two Meters The wide - area WW4L analog repeater on 147.360 MHz was updated recently. Located on Rich Mountain and overlooking Boone, the repeater upgrade is part of a program of improvements being undertaken by the Watauga Amateur Radio Club. The new repeater gives us access to the PCRN linking system that links Rich Mountain to 21 other analog repeaters in North Carolina, Dillon SC, five repeaters in VA, and four repeaters in WV. Members of the PCRN system can use Touch-tone access codes to connect Rich Mountain to a linking system and allows the user to remotely connect other repeaters to the linking system. The PCRN system has been in existence for many years but the WA4J repeater lost access to the system while we were using the temporary repeater. The new controller resume reporting on the temperature at the Rich Mountain repeater site. Meeting announcements and other types of information are made over the repeater. The repeater uses a 103.5 Hz tone, which can be disabled if necessary. For more information about (or to join) the PCRN System go to www.pcrn.net. UHF repeater on Beech Mountain Improvements HAVE BEEN MADE to the Beech Mountain repeater which has been off the air due to equipment and antenna problems. The WA4NC repeater on 444.575 MHz HAS BEEN MOVED TO TH TOP OF BEECH MT, and this has expanded the coverage of the repeater to include a large portion of of Avery County. This area had not been covered from the 2 meter repeater on Rich Mountain. PRN Digital Radio System Hams in the High Country have access to a state of the art digital radio system that uses Time Domain Multiple Access (TDMA) technology. The system uses advanced digital modulation techniques and allows two conversations to occur simultaneously on a repeater. For more information about the PRN system, go to www.ncprn.net The WA4NC digital PRN repeater operates on 443.0375 MHz and is located on Rich Mountain near Boone, NC. It is a wide coverage repeater that is linked to nearly 40 repeaters located in North and South Carolina. A new WA4NC digital PRN repeater on 442.0875 MHz is now operational from the top of Sugar Mountain in Avery county NC.  Internet access was installed on August 21, 2015 which made it possible to connect the Sugartop PRN repeater to the network. All the standard talkgroups (PRN, Local, TAC310, TAC1, Southeast, DCI Bridge, Echotest, Chat 1 ans 2, and Clear Timeslot) are available on the Sugartop repeater. Sugar Local is connected to Boone Local so traffic originating on Sugar Local will be heard on Boone Local and vice versa.  Otherwise, Sugartop works like any other repeater on the PRN network.  Traffic on Sugar PRN will be heard on all the PRN repeaters while the other talkgroups are "on demand).  Internet service is through the Sugartop Condominium WiFi.   Plans are to soon have a hard-wired connection to the router that feeds internet to all the building. If you are in Avery County, it will probably be best to use Sugar since Seven Devils and Beech block much of Avery County from the Boone repeater. Each of the PRN repeaters has a local talkgroup providing coverage within the range of the repeater as well as a system- wide talkgroup that links the repeater to all other PRN  repeaters. Additionally, there are other talkgroups that allow users to connect to other digital systems outside the PRN system
Installing the new WW4L Repeater Antenna