Watauga Amateur Radio Club PO Box 2208 Boone, NC 28607
Club Repeaters:  Boone, NC  Rich Mountain WA4J     147.36  +600 KHZ 103.5 Hz tone   WA4NC  443.0375 +5.0 MHz   DMR Digital  Sugar Mountain WA4NC  442.0875  +5.0 MHz  DMR Digital  Beech Mountain WA4NC  444.5750   +5.0 MHz  151. 4 Tone
------------------------------------------------------------- VE Team Leader Bill Bauldry, NC4WB, reports: We had another good VE test session last Friday (November 10). Thanks go to Jay - N4HOP, Marvin - KM4NCK, Doug - WA4UNS, David - N4DE, and George - NC4GR for joining in and making it work so smoothly. Please join me in congratulating our 4 newest Technicians:         Connie Hall - KN4HNB         Ryan Noble - KN4HNC         Scott McLain - KN4HND         John Shoaf - KN4HNE 73s to all, Bill NC4WB For more information, email Bill Bauldry at NC4WB@arrl.net . * View a map at https://www.google.com/maps/place/2491+Old+US+Hwy+421,+Boone,+NC+28607 . ************************************************* The Watauga Amateur Radio Club Volunteer Examiner Team will be offering license exam test sessions every three months.  We are proud to be newly affiliated with the WCARS VEC. Information about the Technician Class license can be found  at http://www.arrl.org/getting-your-technician-license   A book that will help students prepare for the licensing exam can be found at: http://www.w5yi.org/catalog_details.php?pid=76.   Also, there are many Apps available at the Apple App store which offer courses and sample tests. The FCC exam consists of 35 randomly chosen questions that focus on basic electronics and radio operating practices. A passing grade of 70% is required to earn the Technician Class License. Numerous opportunities exist to take practice tests before the license exam. IF YOU ARE TAKING A TEST: Please bring a photo ID, pencils, and optionally a (non-graphing, non- programmable) calculator. The test fee is $15. That fee allows you to take Technician, then General, and then Amateur Extra exams if you wish (you must first pass the Technician license before taking the General, and, likewise, pass the General before taking the Extra). To retake any test requires an extra $15 fee.   IF PAYING BY CASH, PLEASE BRING EXACT CHANGE. You'll need either a social security number or a Federal Registration Number (FRN). If you'd like to get an FRN, go to https://www.fcc.gov/licensing-databases/fcc-registration-commission- registration-system and click on the Register for a New FRN link. VE TEAM LEADER REPORT: Bill Baudry, NC4WB, club VE Chairman, reported on May 5: Greetings Team, We had another successful VE Test Session this past Tuesday. Thanks go to Danny, Marv, Marvin, and Bernard for their good work at MCC Newland; they made it smooth and easy. Congrats to our team member Jay N4HOP for becoming an Extra at this session — Well done, Jay! This was our first VE session under WCARS. It took me a bit to get the papers collated, so it was between classes at 2:30 pm the day after the test when I faxed the results to WCARS. The folks had their new licenses and call signs by 8:30 Wednesday evening --- that's 6 hours instead of 2~3 we Marvin Hoffman, WA4NC, sent out details of the test results: I found information on the FCC database that the following licenses were granted today: KM4YBK, Jonathan Sheppard, General N4HOP, Jay Glen, Extra KN4DAH, Paul Hernandez, General KN4DAE, Grant Foster, Technician KN4DAF, Paul Cole, Technician KN4DAG, David Henson, Technician KN4DAC, Anthony Burnette, Technician KN4DAD, Anthony Burnette II, Technician KX4CZ, Robert Payne, Extra Each of you should be proud of your accomplishment in passing the tests.  I am sure that the Watauga hams will be ready to help you get into the hobby that we all enjoy.  Each of you is legally eligible to use the privileges associated with your class license. Best wishes, Marv Hoffman, WA4NC