For Sale

This page is for WARC members only, and may be used to list Amateur Radio-related items for sale. Items will remain posted for 90 days. Please submit items to PDF formatted documents are preferred. However, if you have photos, please submit then as separate JPEG files if possible.

Gus Perry, WA4JCP, is looking for a reasonably priced MC-50 or maybe MC-60 Kenwood Mic; His has died after 30+ years and he is off the air until he gets a new one. (This Mic uses the old Kenwood 4-pin plug). Contact Gus at

Yaesu FT-100D HF/VHF/UHF All mode transceiver w/Mic. $400 plus shipping. Contact Scott Douglass,

FOR SALE: Verizon 4G hot spot has a new battery. Nothing wrong with it changed carrier. Would work great with your DMR hot spot
Contact W9SLB

Jack Bechtel, KB4JEB, has 9 items for sale. Contact him at

  1. Rotron MB9100 Type 100 (30 Fan Blower, Rack Mount. $ 50



4. Kenwood KMC- Desk Mic. $ 10

5. SOLD!

6. Dow-Key Coax Switch, (4) Position. $ 10

7. Go – Box, (3) Position with Handles, 21 ½’ W x 8 ¼’ H x 9 ½’ D. $ 10

8. Go – Box, (2) Position, 9” W x 10 ½’ H x 10’ D. $ 5

9. Tentec, Model 307 External Speaker, 4 ohm, 5 watt. “Rated Best External Speaker on eham”. $ 40