For Sale

This page is for WARC members only, and may be used to list Amateur Radio-related items for sale. Items will remain posted for 90 days. Please submit items to PDF formatted documents are preferred. However, if you have photos, please submit then as separate JPEG files if possible.

FOR SALE: Connect Systems CS-BFD, external display for the

CS-800D Multi band/multi mode (DMR) transceiver (not included). $80.00 shipping. Contact

MFJ-226 Graphic VNA Antenna Analyzer for sale.

In working order: yes

Frequency Range: 1.0-230 MHz 

Case Included: No 

RF Connector Type: Type N female 

Band Selection Control: Push-button 

Frequency Control Style: Keypad entry 

Internal Battery Operation: Yes 

Power Supply: Two AA batteries

Frequency sweep plots: SWR, Impedance, Resistance, Reactance,Phase Angle, Complex Return Loss, Smith Chart 

Software will be supplied electronically via email after purchase.

Cost $235.00

Contact George for more information or to purchase.

Posted October 5, 202100: James, WS4JH, is having another of his famous shack clearing sales. Check it out: