Watauga Amateur Radio Club PO Box 2208 Boone, NC 28607
Club Repeaters:  Boone, NC  Rich Mountain WW4L    147.36  +600 KHZ 103.5 Hz tone   WA4NC  443.0375 +5.0 MHz   DMR Digital  Sugar Mountain WA4NC  442.0875  +5.0 MHz  DMR Digital  Beech Mountain WA4NC  444.5750   +5.0 MHz  151. 4 Tone
WELCOME  to the Watauga Amateur Radio Club Website!
Our club meets on the first Monday of the month.  If the first Monday falls on a holiday, the meeting will be rescheduled. Our next meeting is Monday, September 10, at 6:00 pm at the First Presbyterian Church in Boone.  If you want to get involved in Ham Radio in the High country, PLEASE FEEL FREE TO STOP BY. Directions: First Presbyterian Church address is 131 Big Valley Street off of Deerfield Road between the 3-way stop at one end of Bamboo Rd and the intersection of the other end of Bamboo Rd near the Blue Ridge Parkway access. Coming from town, access Deerfield Road and proceed past the golf course. Continue straight through the 3-way stop and Big Valley Street will be on the right. Park in upper lot and enter the church from the front doors under the portico. Folks who are mobility challenged can park in the slots around the circle. Questions? Call N4SCM  336-558-1833 or on Monday night talk-in 147.360 MH -------------------------------------------------------- WARC  SKYWARN NET FORMED WARC has completed an MOU (Memorandum of Understanding) with the Blacksburg National Weather Service office authorizing the establishment of a Watauga County Skywarn net.  Click here for details on the Skywarn page -------------------------------------------------------- NEXT SKYWARN TRAINING NET IS SUNDAY, September 2, at 8:00 pm on the WW4L (147.36) repeater. ----WARC FIELD DAY RE[OPRT--------- WARC  memers participate in the 2018 ARRL Field Day on Saturday and Sunday, June 23-24, at Blowing Rock Fire Station #2. Four stations were on the air, covering 80 thru 15 meters.  SSB, CW, and digital modes were all used. QSO Summary; Band   Mode  QSOs    Pts  Pt/Q    3.5   CW       1            2   2.0    3.5   LSB     24         24   1.0      7    CW     185       370   2.0      7    LSB    108       108   1.0      7    PSK3     3            6   2.0     14   CW      44          88   2.0     14   PSK3    31         62   2.0     14   PSK6    2             4   2.0     14   USB    139       139   1.0     21   CW       7            14   2.0     21   USB     17           17   1.0  Total             561        834   1.5   We also earned 850 bonus points, giving us a claimed score of of 1,668 points. The following Watauga Amateur Radio Club members participated in ARRK Field Day 2018: Danny Horney, KE4AAP Jessica Horney, KM4NCM Marv Hoffman, WA4NC Marvin Gragg, KM4NCK Doug Hall, W4UNS David Hooper, N4DE Scott Douglass, K2SD Jack Bechtel, KB4JEB George Rosvally, NC4GR William Bauldry, NC4WB Steve Baublitz, W9SLB Derek Wilson, KM4BMD Matt Mellon, K9MJM Mark Ashley, KX4IK Robert Johnson, KN4LCX Ron Smith, KN4RJS Tim Harmon, KE4KFV Darrel Lewis, N4DIQ Jame Harrison, WS4JH ----------------------------------- Last updated August 17, 2018 at 2:05 pm.. Please send suggestions and/or corrections  to Scott Douglass, k2sd@arrl.net
WARC MONTHLY COFFEE - JOIN US! We gather at 8:00 AM on the third  Monday of the month at Panera Bread in  the Boone Mall. No business is  conducted - just a chance to talk about  any and all topics related to Amateur  Radio. Everyone is welcome!   THE NEXT GATHERING:  August 20,, 2018. ----------------VEC TEST SESSION RESULTS------------------- VE test session leader Bill Bauldry, NC4WB, reports: We had another good VE session on Saturday, June 20, following George's NC4GR successful upgrade course.         Joel Berrier KN4EUL upgraded to General, and         Darrell Lewis N4DIQ upgraded to Amateur Extra. Congratulations to both! Thanks go to our VEs Marv WA4NC, Marvin KM4NCK, and George NC4GR.Thanks also go to ASU's Dept of Math Sciences for providing classrooms for us to use. 73s to all, Bill NC4WB WARC VE Team Leader -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------                 WARC PARTICIPATESIN EMERGENCY FEST On Saturday, Jume 2, several WARC members manned a booth at the annual Emergency Fest on rhe ASU campus. Here are some pictures:
WARC President, Danny, KE4AAP, enjoying a great day!